Lee Graham

Sergeant 665, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Emergency Management and Public Order

Lee has been a member of the Toronto Police Service for the past 28 years. For approximately 10 years he was involved in Firearms Training, Use of Force Training, course design, implementation and instruction at the Toronto Police College. Lee completed a certificate program at Brock University in Adult Education and a Terrorism Studies Certificate program through St. Andrews University in Scotland. He then went to the Toronto Police Operations Centre and then to his current position in May 2015 where he is assigned to the Emergency Management and Public Order Unit, leading the Critical Infrastructure Protection Section.

Event Vehicle Mitigation Strategies

Sgt. Lee Graham will give an overview of the changing global security landscape, and how to prevent a vehicle attack in collaboration with the Toronto Police Service. Events on or adjacent to roadways may be vulnerable, so event planners need to review emergency action plans, site layouts and security plans to better secure their event perimeters for the attending audience.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Active Attacker – Planning and Response

The news is filled with reports of active attacker incidents in public spaces, including live event venues. Sgt. Lee Graham will review planning and response strategies you can use to protect yourself, your artists, co-workers and members of the public attending your event.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018